Safety gear - Made for Bikers


Safety gear - Made for Bikers

#1 – The First and Only functioning visor wiper in the world

BIKERGUARD is a 2nd genneration WiPEY (BIKERGUARD was formerly known as WiPEY). We are an original/first inventor of a mini wiper that fits directly on helmet visor. If you are interested in our story, you can read about it here

Safety gear Made for bikers

Clear view in the rain!

Remote control

BIKERGUARD comes with a dedicated remote wireless controller, which fits on every motorcycle handlebar – within reach of your thumb – your hands can always stay on the handlebar.

Compatible with most helmet types

BIKERGUARD works on full face, half face, dual sport and modular helmet.

Download and print template, to check if fits your helmet.


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100% secure attachment mount

Even though it takes only 1 second to attach or detach the BIKERGUARD, a special safety mount mechanism guarantees that it remains firmly attached to the visor, even at high speeds.

Rugged design

IPX-6 (waterproof)

Unlike some cheap knockoffs on the market, BIKERGUARD and the dedicated Remote are 100% waterproof. Every unit is thourghly tested before shipped.



Brushless motor

Smallest brushless motor inside, Made in Japan – industrial grade. The motor we are using is a marvel of engineering.

Rechargeable battery

BIKERGUARD is powered by a rechargeable 1400mAh battery, which ensures 5h to 15h continuous operation. You can charge it with a dedicated magnetic USB cable, using any USB charger.

3-Year warranty

BIKERGUARD is a premium product designed specifically for bikers, which is why only premium components have been used. In fact, we are so confident in the built quality of BIKERGUARD that we offer a 3-year warranty on the main unit and the remote.



Made for Bikers

BIKERGUARD set (main unit, remote, charging magnetic cable, storage box, anti-fog screen, tools,...)


  • Communication protocol: Proprietary wireless protocol at 2.4GHz
  • Status indicator: RGB LED
  • Material: Polycarbonate
  • Surface color/finish: Carbon fiber imitation
  • Dimensions: 44mm x 39mm x 57mm
  • Weight: 80g
  • IPX rating: IPX-6 (waterproof)
  • Motor type: Brushless servo motor, industrial grade
  • Battery: Li-Ion with 1400 mAh capacity
  • Charging: Via USB magnetic cable

Remote Specs

  • Dimensions: 27mm x 37mm x 23mm
  • Weight: 25g
  • IPX rating: IPX-6 (waterproof)
  • Communication protocol: Proprietary wireless protocol at 2.4GHz
  • Battery: Replaceable CR2032
  • Battery status indicator: RGB LED
  • Dimensions: 27mm x 37mm x 23mm
  • Weight: 25g
  • IPX rating: IPX-6 (waterproof)


Frequently Asked Questions

The BIKERGUARD underwent rigorous testing in real-world conditions, including extreme scenarios. We even dispatched a few samples to the Aprilia racing team in Italy (Slovenia is a neighbouring country of Italy), who raced with BIKERGUARD attached. The initial feedback was exceedingly positive, and we diligently considered their suggestions for enhancement. Additionally, the Piaggio group tested two samples. Currently, the Hungarian police are in the process of evaluating BIKERGUARD for potential integration into their motorcycle fleet, as are the Slovenian and German police forces. Their constant presence on the roads, regardless of weather conditions, underscores the importance of our product. We’ll soon share some photos. Lastly, BIKERGUARD underwent thorough examination by the certification authority company SIQ.

Yes it is possible to lift the visor, while BIKERGUARD is attached. In fact you should only attach it when you need it – in the rain.

Please check out this video:

We are an original/first inventor of a mini wiper that fits directly on helmet visor, but soon after our Kickstarter campaign ended, several low-quality copies have emerged. They don’t work and are not even waterproof. BIKERGUARD is the only functioning helmet visor wiper in the world and it can not be compared to similar looking but low-quality products. For comparison – the cost of our brushless motor itself, exceeds the retail price of those (complete) low-quality wipers from Aliexpress. Wipers from Aliexpress are using cheap $3 servo brushed (we are using brushless) motors. Plus, BIKERGUARD comes with a dedicated remote controller. Please read our story here.

Sprays and coatings are ok but not perfect. For example, they are not efficient if you move slowly ( where city speed limit is 30-40 mph), or in the mist if you ride behind a car ( very small water drops ) … If sprays were perfect then at least supersport cars such as Porsche, Ferrari, Lamborghini would not use wipers. For now, good old physics (wipers) works best.

Yes. We design software firmware in that directions in order to have same functions on both buttons if you run wiper unit with or without remote button unit. If you lose remote control button, you can always order new remote unit and simply pair it with simple procedure. Only one remote can be paired with viper unit. Battery in remote button can be easily changed too.

Wiper blade is designed to keep your visor clean in the rain conditions – just like wipers in your car. So it does not effectively clean bugs from you helmet visor. In fact for optimal performance visor should be clean without bug remains before usage.

Yes it does. Pinlock pins are not in the way. If you are not using pinlock foil, and we are sure you know fogging effect on inner visor surface,we attached free antifog foil you can use to avoid the fogging of your viper when riding in rain or wet conditions. (it’s a free gift from us and with it you can be sure you will have best view on the road)

Just like your car wiper blades wear out also our wiper blade eventually wears out. And when it happens you can easily change it. In package we have also included one free extra viper blade for you. Spare parts will be available in our Online SHOP in 3 or 5 pieces packages.

You can share bikerguard between your helmets. You only need to prepare each helmet visor to use our product. There comes a tiny plastic part – a linear guides which must be permanently fixed to the helmet visor. It can be fixed using 2 tiny screws size. In package you bought we attached a second free of charge visor mount with additional screws.

Bikerguard product you bought will come with a 3 year nominal warranty.

BIKERGUARD is the result of several years of research and development. Inside, there is a small industrial-grade servo motor, brushless, Made in Japan. It is indestructible. This motor is not publicly available, so it cannot be found in any other commercial product. BIKERGUARD also underwent rigorous testing by a certification authority company SIQ. Furthermore, BIKERGUARD consists of two products: the main unit and the remote controller.

There were many developers involved, including:

  • Industrial designers
  • Electronic designers
  • Firmware developers
  • Injection molding experts

It really takes a complete development team, to develop such product.

BIKERGUARD also comes with a 3-year warranty, but we are confident that it will serve for many years after the warranty expires. Considering all these factors, we really don’t have enough room to set the price lower. But we are sure that buyers will just love the BIKERGUARD, once they will experience the benefits of using it.

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